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About us

Welcome to the PYTHAGORTHI Learning Website

We seek to make mathematics easier and more enjoyable by introducing modern technology to deliver information in a simplified manner, with less effort and time.

  • We cover the high school curriculum with simplified videos.
  • We ensure regular follow-up with students through periodic lessons via live streaming for Pythagorean students.
  • We are not the only ones, but we strive to be the best.
Pythagorthi , your path to excellence

A detailed explanation of the curriculum in modern ways through our website

  • Distinctive educational videos
  • Notes to monitor progress in the curriculum
  • Live lessons for every educational subject
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Client Testimonial

Mr. Majed

The website is distinguished by its beautiful presentation, the videos are distinctive, and the teacher delivers the information in an interesting way
We thank the Pythagorthi website for what they provide


Honestly, it is one of the most wonderful educational platforms, and the information was accessible easily and at any time. All thanks to the Pythagorthi website


The teacher delivers the information in an easy and interesting way and on one of the best educational platforms

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